Tailored support for you & your dog

Whether you want your dog to stop barking and lunging at other dogs & people, to stop jumping up, pulling on lead or you just want them to listen to you, having the right training plan for you & your dog is the important first step. 

Maybe your puppy is biting you and the kids and you just don't know what to do! 

By understanding what's going on for your dog, you will be able to help them learn what to do so they are happier and calmer. If you've had your dog from a puppy or you've recently rescued your dog, training can start at any time. 

Set your dog up for success & get the answers to all your 'how to stop my dog...' and 'why does my dog...' questions! 

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Relief from Reactivity

Barking, lunging, grabbing the lead and making a big ol'display, it's embarrassing, annoying and it can impact us and how we feel about our dog!  

When our dogs over-react to seeing other dogs, we need to help them cope before we can teach them a new way to behave.

Let me show you why your dog acts the way they do and how to help them so you and your dog have Relief from Reactivity!

This is what I need!

Dog Behaviour Problems

When training has gone off course and your dog is behaving in a way you don’t like, it can be hard not to take it personally! Is your dog trying to rule your life!? Why are they disrespecting you!? 

Most often, your dog is behaving in a way that is completely normal – for a dog! It’s just not appropriate for us! 

There are many reasons for this misunderstanding of our dogs. One of the first things you can do is track your dog's daily activities which you can do with my FREE Daily Doggy Diary!

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Puppy Problems Solved​

From puppy socialisation to how to stop puppy biting, peeing in the house, jumping up and other puppy problems, get our Puppy Training Solutions. 

Discover what to do so your pup can make better choices!

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