Here are some products I recommend to clients

Please note, these are my personal recommendations and you should research the most appropriate products for your dog and their needs. 

I am not affiliated to any of these brands! 

Food & Feeding

I'm often asked about the best type of food to feed our dogs.

This is always a personal choice for each client so here's a website I recommend so you can assess the best option for you and your dog!

All About Dog Food

Always speak to your vet if you have concerns about your dog's health.

Mental Enrichment


Using interactive feeders is a great way to provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog. 

A Kong is a great way to introduce interactive feeding. 

It's a great boredom-buster too!


Other products are available!


Perfect Fit

Having a well fitted harness will make a big difference for your dog. 

A Perfect Fit Harness allows your dog to move unrestricted and the two lead attachments make for safe walking.

Perfect Fit Harness

Other products are available!


Sometimes our dogs need a little help to feel calm & relaxed. 

This may be especially so when a dog enters a new home. Using a calming product can be helpful. 


Pet Remedy

Always consult your vet if you are concerned about your dog well-being.

Other products are available!