Barking, lunging, biting and grabbing their lead or even you! There’s little chance your dog can even hear you let alone do what you’re pleading with them to do! It’s bloody annoying, very frustrating and so embarrassing! 

I’ve been there myself and I get it!

Your dog is over-reacting (labelled Reactive) because they either want to get to or get away from something they find scary or over-exciting.

A common approach to try and expose your dog to the ‘thing’ that they’re reacting too seldom works and often makes things worse. This approach can put your dog into a panicked-state. This is highly stressful for your dog and makes their reaction worse not better! 

So how do you deal with this?

We can help our dog cope better in these situations by building up their confidence so they can, in fact, handle these situations and begin to respond in a calmer way. It takes time and patience BUT the result is more than worth it for you and your dog.

When your dog is more confident and you know how to help them, the Relief from Reactivity is truly life changing!

Get Relief from Reactivity now!

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