Hello! I'm Jo

As a qualified Dog Training professional, I am dedicated to helping Pet Parents understand their dog better by building knowledge, skills and confidence for a happier life together.

Why I became a dog trainer?

As with most dog trainers I’ve met, it was to help my own dog, Jasmin. I adopted her from a family when she was almost 6 months old as a companion for my first dog Monty. Despite being told that she was ‘fine’ with other dogs, she most certainly wasn’t! She was ok with Monty but seeing others dogs on walks, she would lunge, bark, somersault grabbing the lead and sometimes bite me! It was very upsetting and confusing as she was a total sweetie at home and I didn’t understand what was going on. 

For 18 months, I actually didn’t feel a bond with her but I had made a commitment to her and I couldn’t let her down! The training I saw on TV or read in books either didn’t work or made things even worse! I was even offered ‘advice’ that seemed cruel (I didn’t take the ‘advice’!) so I decided to find a way to help her myself. As I had been investigating moving abroad to somewhere warm, I found that I could get a visa to study and live in Australia; great! Then I found a course to become a Dog Trainer; OMG!! I jumped at the chance! I packed up my UK life and we (myself & my dogs) moved to Perth in Western Australia where I studied for 2 years. 

It was amazing! I had absolutely found my calling in life! 

What I learned from my awesome tutors, I applied with my dogs and I was amazed how simple and effective it was and I wanted to learn as much as I could. As well as starting my own dog walking business, I volunteered at a rescue helping to train some of their dogs. 

Once I graduated, I was offered a dog trainer role at the rescue and I was on my way to living my dream. I learnt so much from all the dogs there and I had found my passion in life. Just like Jasmin, the dogs in rescue needed time and understanding of their needs so they could find a home and thrive.

I know with certainty that if I hadn’t been lucky enough to get Jasmin when I did, she would’ve ended up in and out of rescue and very likely not made it to 2yrs old! I feel so grateful and privileged to have had my own journey with my wonderful girl. 

With my experience of working with hundreds of dogs with a range of training and behaviour needs, including those in and from rescues, I want to do whatever I can to help these amazing dogs and their families live happy lives together!

You & your dog deserve it!

I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes Force Free and Fear Free training methods and encourages continued education for training professionals, so you can be assured that I only use kind training methods, based on the latest scientific research.