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Hi I'm Jo and I'm here to help you with your dog behaviour problems!

Are you confused and annoyed with your dog's behaviour, maybe they bark and lunge at other dogs and just wont listen to you? You just want a happy life with your dog! 

I get it!

I became a trainer to help my own dog, Jasmin, who, aged 6 months and newly rehomed with me, would react so badly when seeing other dogs. I was confused and angry because I just didn't understand what was going on! 

Like many people, I first turned to the things I saw on TV or read in books for answers but these methods either didn't work, made things worse or didn't feel right to me! I tried different trainers but nothing seemed to work for her.  

Finally, I was at a turning point, I couldn't bear to rehome her so I decided to take matters into my own hands and find the right approach and information myself; so become a dog trainer! I completely changed my career, moved abroad and I studied for 2 years and in 2017 I obtained an internationally recognised qualification.

I've worked with hundreds of dogs with a range of training needs and behaviour issues, including those in and from rescues. I now understand not only my dog better, but the behaviour many Pet Parents and Dog Professionals discuss with me. 

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Design the life you want with your dog

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy into your family or things have got a bit chaotic with your dog, getting their training on track is easier when done in a familiar location where you can control the amount of distractions. Newly adopted dogs also benefit from calmer and more relaxed surroundings so by choosing to begin their training at home is often the best option.

This is especially the case with dogs who struggle in more social situations. If your dog is worried about being around other dogs, it makes sense to do their training away from these stressful situations.

So often, getting our busy life sorted out so we can rush out to training classes is stressful for us and we don’t get the most out of them. I remember those times and of leaving class wondering ‘what did the instructor say at the beginning?’ or I’d get home feeling dazed and hardly remember a thing from the class let alone what on earth was I meant to practice before next class!

Training your dog at home helps your dog learn and retain what you’re teaching them. You’ll feel more relaxed about teaching your dog and you’ll see faster progress. It builds your dog’s confidence as well as yours. You’ll feel that special bond with your dog grow and grow.

Teaching our dogs at home also means that learning is happening all the time! 

It's the best way to design the life you want with your dog!

Tell me about the life you want with your dog

It doesn't matter how young or old your dogs is, they are learning all the time!

Puppy Problems

If the honeymoon period is over and your cute ball of fluff has turned into a pooing, biting, crazy land-shark, we have the solutions for you!

Behaviour Problems

Whether you've recently rescued a dog or your dog has completely forgotten their training, we will help you and your dog to get back on track! 

Relief from Reactivity

If your dog finds being around other dogs challenging, then we have training plans specifically designed to help them learn to cope & give you relief from their reactivity

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There are the 3 cornerstones to my training approach so you get the best results for you and your dog:


When we want to change our dogs behaviour, we need to understand why they are doing the things that they are doing. We need to look at the ‘cause’ not just the symptom! Once we start to get an understanding of the feelings and emotions that our dogs are showing us, we are much better placed to help them.


But how do we know? Accepting that we humans communicate completely differently to our dogs sounds like common sense. After all our dogs can’t speak and tell us what’s going on for them. So it’s up-to us to learn their language; canine body language. We are the most intelligent species, apparently! Learning how to interpret the obvious and subtle changes in your dog’s body language can completely change how you live with and train your dog.


Connection. Relationship. Bond. Whatever we call it, it’s that special unique feeling we all want with our dog. It’s probably the reason you got a dog in the first place. Deep down it’s often the thing we long for the most when we feel annoyed, embarrassed or stressed with their behaviour because it’s when we may not like our dog very much. Seeing life with our dog as a relationship helps make the journey back to connection easier.

By understanding what’s going on for your dog, learning to read and ‘speak’ to your dog, you’ll be able to help them, train them and your whole life with your dog will change. 

We love getting client feedback...

Here's just a few of them!

We recently worked with Jo and can highly recommend her. Jo helped us to build trust with our 3yr old rescue pup and he's a completely, changed for the better, boy as a result of Jo's training

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help training tips advice for Boris and myself , we both have learnt a lot and going forward will still be work in progress for both of us. And also thank you for the emails of information which has been interesting and helpful too

Jo is the best among the best. Her calmness, patience and positivism are just a few of the multiple qualities she has as a person and as a better dog trainer...I highly recommend her. No doubt you won't get anyone better!

Thank you to all our lovely clients!

Redefine your relationship with your dog

I believe our role as dog owners can be better described as:

Pet Parents

By seeing our role as a ‘Parent’ helps us to think differently about our relationship with our dogs and our approach to teaching them.

Instead of teaching ‘obedience’ we teach ‘manners’, instead of ‘commands’ we use ‘cues’ and if your dog is doing something ‘wrong’ we think about what the ‘right’ behaviour would be so we can teach them this.

The whole dynamic of the relationship is much more nurturing, relaxed and fun!

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